The Islam Square

 The Islam Square welcomes you and hope you will like you in the sides of the square. Here you can read about how to order goods and how the order is processed. You will also find more useful tips.   How does this work: Are you looking to buy something, you can easily use the menu on the left to get an overview of available items under this category. If you find it, click on the image or the title to read more about the item.   If you decide to order something, just click on the shopping cart that appears at the bottom right of the current window. The item you order will appear under the shopping cart located at the top of the left column. You can order more items.   When you have finished ordering what you want, select the “To cart” link that is just below the shopping list that is still on top of the left column. Now you get to a new window where the items you ordered are listed. Now you can change the number if you wish, but remember to click the update button next to the number of fields you have updated. Then select “Go to checkout”.   Now you can fill in the fields you are asked to complete, choose the payment method and then click “Finish Order”   If you have chosen to pay by card (Visa or Mastercard), you will receive a new page where you can provide card numbers and the like. and then the order will be sent automatically when the payment is successful.   If you have selected prepay for an account, the order will be sent to us, while another copy of the order will be automatically sent to your email address that you provided in the previous window.   We will contact you either by email or by phone (if you have entered a phone number during the order) and inform you how to pay.   The goods will be sent to your address once we have received the payment. The mail usually does not take more than two business days.   Once you have received the goods, you should check if they match your order. If something is wrong, please contact us again and we will take responsibility for any errors that occur from our site. We will do our best to make our customers happy.   In terms of guarantees and anything concerning the goods, please contact us again and contact the seller, who may occasionally be a different person from the Islamic market.